The Heartland Quilt Network connects

quilt guilds, quilt shops, and professionals

across the Midwest. We share information

about our programs, workshops, shows, and events to promote the popular and

enduring art of quilt making.


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April 10 - 9:00 am 
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Welcome to Heartland Quilt Network
Heartland Quilt Network (HQN) has over a hundred members across five Midwestern states. Member categories are: 

  • Guilds - quilting organizations that promote the art of quilting through meetings, workshops, and networking with one another
  • Professionals - teachers that promote quilting through lectures and workshops. Also, long-arm quilters who provide services to others quilters
  • Shops - businesses that sell products to quilters, provide classes and promote the art of quilting

HQN provides its members several ways to interact and share information:

  • A handy roster of phone numbers, mailing addresses, e-mail and website addresses for the professionals and quilt shops members.
  • A calendar of guild meeting locations, times and a contact for member guilds is published and updated constantly on our website.
  • An annual meeting that showcases the offerings of our professionals, presents topics of practical benefit to all our members, and brings together enthusiasts from the quilting industry.
  • Information packets of members' brochures are provided to all.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and for the health of all members,
many guilds are  not meeting in person.  
Some guilds are conducting programs via Zoom.  
If you are a guild that is interested in that method, we suggest 
contacting the presenter to see if this is something they can offer. 

We have asked our Professional members for input on whether they 
are offering this method.  As results come in, we will update a listing 
posted in the Members Only section.  Please contact presenters directly
for more information.   

Again -- stay safe until we can all be together again! 
If you are planning to visit a guild, please check to see if they are on schedule. 


April 10 - 9:00 am - HQN Annual Meeting by Zoom 
Full information is in the February 2021 newsletter available in 
the Members Only Section - Registration Form must be
 submitted to participate.  

June 17 to 19, 2021 -- Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival, Overland Park, KS

 HQN Members -- Please submit your program, workshop and quilt show dates!

We are all looking forward to IN PERSON quilt shows!