The Heartland Quilt Network connects

quilt guilds, quilt shops, and professionals

across the Midwest. We share information

about our programs, workshops, shows, and events to promote the popular and

enduring art of quilt making.


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Welcome to Heartland Quilt Network
Heartland Quilt Network (HQN) has over a hundred members across five Midwestern states. Member categories are: 

  • Guilds - quilting organizations that promote the art of quilting through meetings, workshops, and networking with one another
  • Professionals - teachers that promote quilting through lectures and workshops. Also, long-arm quilters who provide services to others quilters
  • Shops - businesses that sell products to quilters, provide classes and promote the art of quilting

HQN provides its members several ways to interact and share information:

  • A handy roster of phone numbers, mailing addresses, e-mail and website addresses for the professionals and quilt shops members.
  • A calendar of guild meeting locations, times and a contact for member guilds is published and updated constantly on our website.
  • An annual meeting that showcases the offerings of our professionals, presents topics of practical benefit to all our members, and brings together enthusiasts from the quilting industry.
  • Information packets of members' brochures are provided to all.

THANK YOU to outgoing officers -- Reeze Hanson, President and Barbara Eikmeier, Vice President!  We appreciate your leadership and dedication to HQN! 

The members elected the new officers and board of directors at the 2018 annual meeting:
President:  Mary Honas
Vice Preident: Jane Bromberg
Secretary: Kathy Delaney
Treasurer: Carol Kuse
Past President: Reeze Hanson
Membershsip: Liz Granberg-Jerome
Newsletter:  Rosalyn Douglass
Website: Julie Kiffin
Members at Large:  Lynn Doyle, Hope Wright, Alison Saunders,
Dorothy Griglione and Kelly Ashton