Heartland Quilt

The Heartland Quilt Network connects

quilt guilds, quilt shops, and professionals

across the Midwest. We share information

about our programs, workshops, shows, and events to promote the popular and

enduring art of quilt making.

About Us

2019 - 2020 Officers

President - Mary Honas
Vice President - Jane Bromberg
Secretary - Karen Hill
Treasurer - Alison Saunders
Membership - Liz Granberg-Jerome
Past President - Reeze Hanson
Newsletter - Liz Granberg-Jerome
Webmaven - Julie Kiffin
Members at Large - Kelly Ashton, Sandi Cox, Deb Dukes, Martha Ethridge, Jean Hummel

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The Heartland Quilt Network (HQN) is an organization for quilt guilds, quilt professionals, and quilt shops in the Heartland area, which includes Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.


WHAT ARE THE DUES? $20 a year from July to June, or at any time in between, or $40 for a three-year membership.


WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF JOINING THE NETWORK? All members get our membership roster, newsletters, access to the website Member’s Only section, and our annual meeting that takes place in March or April.


AS A PROFESSIONAL, WHAT ARE MY BENEFITS? You can list your classes and programs on the HQN website; you can provide a link to your own website; you can present and demonstrate your services at the annual meeting; you can book appearances with the member guilds at the annual meeting; you can list your scheduled appearances on the HQN calendar; and you can network with fellow professionals to discuss common issues.


AS A GUILD, WHAT ARE MY BENEFITS? You can list your speakers on the HQN calendar; you can attend the annual meeting to network with other guilds; you can book speakers at the annual meeting; you can display and sell tickets for your opportunity quilt to the annual meeting; when a guild joins HQN, every member in the guild has access to the HQN website and member benefits.


AS A QUILT SHOP, WHAT ARE MY BENEFITS? You are listed on the HQN website and you may provide a link to your own website; you have the opportunity to network with other quilt shop owners; you can network with quilt guilds to share lectures and workshops; and we try to feature a quilt shop in each issue of the newsletter to help market your shop to member professionals and guilds.


WHO RUNS THE NETWORK? The Network is run by a Board of Directors. The board is made up of members who have been elected or have volunteered to serve a two-year term. The Board in turn elects the officers. Other than the professionals, these are the only single members that pay dues. This group meets three times a year to discuss HQN matters.


WHAT TAKES PLACE AT THE ANNUAL MEETING? The professionals set up tables with displays of their classes and workshops and discuss their classes and workshops with guild representatives and shop owners. Guilds have the opportunity to talk to area professionals and get a taste of the programs and workshops they offer. Guilds are invited to bring their opportunity quilts to the meeting to display them and sell chances. Sometimes there is a program or a panel discussion and there are usually break out sessions, one for the professionals and one for the guilds, where current issues and problems are discussed. The most valuable activitythat takes place at the meeting is networking with other guilds, professionals and shops all in one day and at one place.


WHERE ARE THE ANNUAL MEETINGS HELD? The annual meeting is usually held in Kansas City as it seems to be centrally located in Heartland area.


WHAT IS ON THE WEBSITE? It has the list of member guilds and where and when they meet. It also lists member professionals, their services and contact information. A Member’s Only section has information about many issues that face guilds, such as legal issues, budgeting and programming. The website maintains a current calendar for professionals and guilds, as well as copies of past HQN newsletters. The website also provides links to other websites of interest to quilters.


WHAT IS IN THE NEWSLETTER? The newsletter contains information about the HQN; articles of interest to quilters;the times and locations where guilds meet and the program calendar of member guilds and professionals. Whenever possible we feature a member quilt shop. The newsletter is distributed via email and is sent to all HQN members and others who request a copy.