Heartland Quilt

The Heartland Quilt Network connects

quilt guilds, quilt shops, and professionals

across the Midwest. We share information

about our programs, workshops, shows, and events to promote the popular and

enduring art of quilt making.

Vicky Beasley
Kathy Delaney
Kelly Cline
Tia Curtis
Jenifer Dick
Teresa and David Duwe
Carol Elmore
Kelly Ashton
Donna diNatale
Patricia Beaver
Liz Granberg-Jerome
Diane Harris
Mary Honas
Cynthia Parry
Dawn Heese
Karen Hill
Candy Hargrove
Reeze Hanson
Trisch Price
Denise Stahl
Naomi Ullum
Pat Speth
Theresa Ward
Ronnie Elmore
Judy Vore
Lori Triplett